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Residential windows have always been our specialty. Our company was founded specializing in residential window projects and they continue to make up the largest share of our business. We’ve since expanded into offering commercial and multi-family projects, but residential projects are still our favorites.

That’s not always the case with every company. Some companies that focus on new construction work for big builders or on commercial projects. A company like that can be poorly prepared for dealing with a project involving residential windows.

Residential windows in a kitchen.  This is a 4-lite casement window.
A 4-lite casement window in one common main frame

What’s the difference?

For example, on a large commercial job site an installer can pull up in the yard, and leave cigarette buts all over before the sod is installed. That sort of thing wouldn’t fly in a residential replacement window project.

We treat your home like it was ours. For example, we’ll do our best to leave no trace. We show up on time and we do our best to minimize disruption to your home. Our projects are professionally installed by the manufacturer’s installation service. This ensures quality and ensures any concerns are easily addressed quickly and professionally. We also offer the type of high quality products you’d want when you’re going to be living in the house for years to come.

That can also be a little unique since most window installers or window salespeople don’t have the same concerns as their customers. An example of this is air infiltration. A typical window installer doesn’t care too much about air infiltration ratings on the windows he sells. That’s because he won’t be living there, but air infiltration can be a very important factor for the buyer who will be living in the home.

The installer or contractor is often more concerned with selling a product that is easy to order. Maybe it’s offered by a friendly salesman or it’s available at a convenient distribution center. Those things don’t matter very much to you but they can absolutely influence which products a smaller contractor will be recommending.

How can I find more info on residential windows?

As we’ve become one of the largest window companies in the country every manufacturer wants us to carry their products. We constantly evaluate the options so we can recommend the best value around. If you’d allow us, we can email you a copy of our itemized price list. With that you’ll be able to see how your order will come together. We can answer any questions. We can also make unlimited revisions to your quote until we have it just the way you at it. Start by clicking the button below to see how the process works.

What are the best residential windows?

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